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True Religion T-shirts Last week, Andre 3000 opened an exhibit of all the jumpsuits he wore on the Outkast reunion tour. Each one delivered a different message with some?profound and provocative?meaning, ranging from the issues of social media to teachers not getting enough love. The only problem is that they were on jumpsuits and we couldn't get our hands on them. Andre anticipated those feels and heard our cries, so he's announced that he's going to turn the jumpsuits into a T-shirt line in an interview with Hard Knock TV that you can see above, which, as a whole, is really good and touches on his upcoming Jimi Hendrix biopic as well as the growth and evolution of Outkast. The bit about the jumpsuits starts around the 9:45 mark if you're looking to skip around. If I'm being totally honest, the art or fart tees are a definite cop. Or, if you're feeling a little more existential, the everything is temporary one works too. Though, you should probably take this all with a grain of salt. I mean, 3 Stacks isn't exactly the poster child of following through. Granted, screen printing some tees is easier than putting out an album.

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