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True Religion Canada offers consumers a completely new look for designer denim. True Religion jeans are known for their exquisite attention to detail in the embroidery.

You know when you accidentally break something in front of a bunch of people, someone inevitably goes this is why we can't have nice things because they're so up to date with their pop culture references? Well, these things called Beard Baubles are?the actual reason why we cannot have nice things. What are they, you ask? They're fucking Christmas tree ornaments for your goddamn beard. If you have to ask why this is so bad, you might be part of the problem. Granted, as with everything related to facial hair these days, the proceeds from sales go to a good cause .

True Religion Canada Online Store, True Religion Straight Leg Jeans Mens US I feel like if I have more than, say, a five day stubble, someone is going to ask me if I'm doing No-Shave November or growing it out and then shaving for Movember or raising awareness for prostate cancer or some other bodily ailment. Why must there be a cause behind my facial hair? Anyway, these mini ornaments are sold out right now, so, at the very least, a?hefty amount of?money went towards a worthy cause thanks to a bunch of dudes with no chill. But if your only incentive to donate toward a good cause was receiving these corny face ornaments in exchange, then you're missed the whole fucking point.