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True Religion Skirts & Shorts Stories have been circulating for the past few weeks since? Vogue moved offices from Times Square downtown to 1 World Trade Center that rats have taken over the new home of Conde Nast . The building that's been under construction for the last decade was not up to snuff when it came to businesses finally moving in and, apparently, Vogue has the worst of it. According to the New York Daily News ,?Anna Wintour doesn't even want to go into her own office anymore because the infestation is so bad. Rats have literally eaten through the ceiling tiles of the sports editor's office and pooped on his fucking keyboard. Damn, shout out to NYC rats. Those guys are dedicated. There's even rat shit all over the accessories closet as well. Wow, very derelicte. Things are so bad, in fact, that Conde sent a memo telling staffers not to eat at their desks until the Health Department, who's on the case, gets this all sorted.

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