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True Religion Skirts offers consumers a completely new look for designer denim. True Religion jeans are known for their exquisite attention to detail in the embroidery.

True Religion Crops I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Thom Browne even though I'll never be able to afford and/or wear it. Everything TB does always qualifies as #GOALS for me. In other words, it's purely aspirational. It's sort of like art, ya know? Like, you peep some really fucking fly ass art and then want to try it yourself, only to realize you used up all your artistic ability in elementary school art class, but you're still really into it. This is clearly not Thom's first rodeo and while there aren't any elephant heads here, we have more than enough replacements, like crocheted flowers, padded blazers that make you look swoll as fuck while still wearing tiny pants and enough candy cane striping to get you through the holiday season. Of course, the suiting is still on point as usual. I'm really just trying to modify my diet to fit into this gear and catch it when the sample sale hits next year.

True Religion Skirts Online Store,