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Instead of going to Florida for Art Basel Miami Beach last week, Maurizio Cattelan? went to Los Angeles for an art tour, visiting nine artists and 14 galleries in the span of four and a half days, an experience he wrote about for Vulture . One of his many stops on the self-guided tour was to visit Jim Carrey at his studio.

True Religion Straight Leg Jeans Online Store, According to the Vulture piece , Carrey has been painting since he was a kid. He describes the comedian's work as both expressive and emotive, and compares his talents with a brush to his ability to make people laugh. His imagery ranges from portraits of women to self-portraits, as well as pop icons like James Dean as a child, a baby gorilla, a mad elephant, and more, writes Cattelan. His energy is boundless, and hes clearly having fun testing the boundaries of painting and sculpture.

Carrey also showed off the puppet that he sculpted of his friend and? Dumb and Dumber To? co-star Jeff Daniels . Check out the progress video below that Carrey posted to YouTube , and watch him perform with it on? The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

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